Why Paolos Pizzas?

We all know that in order to create a great pizza you need fresh, crisp ingredients, all topped on a special base. Yes, this makes for a healthy meal but Paolo’s goes a step further.

Own Delivery

our own driver’s and fleet of vehicles ensuring an accountable, reliable delivery service just for you...

Long established

opening its doors in 1989 demonstrates we are one of the longest established takeaway and delivery businesses within the city...

Local ingredients

we source our fine ingredients locally to ensure maximum freshness and support for the community which we serve...

About Us

Paolo’s Pizza’s was established in December 1989 by Paul McShane, first opening in William Street, Derry and also in recent years at Abercorn Square, Strabane.

Over the years Paolo’s has strived to provide our customers with the best service and quality food at the best price around. Our pizzas are packed full of delicious fresh ingredients, styled on what our customers crave.

To bring our delivery service to an even higher standard, we have recently added to our fleet of delivery vans.

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